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Thanks so much for the maintenance of my yard, it looks beautiful. I really appreciate how efficient your employees are who work very hard. ( so is underlined)
— Jenny 5/6/13

The yard looks beautiful and I a am very pleased. Thanks to you and your crew for doing such a great job.
— MA 7/15/13

My yard looks great!
— Maria 8/3/13
Our yard is beautiful, the workers have done a nice job. Things are starting to bloom.
—Ross A. (Spring of 2012)

Pruning Plus:
Your workers did a great job cleaning up the yard after the winter storm.
—Mildren A. (Fall of 2012)

Thank you, your crew always does quality work.
—Carol A. (May 2012)
Trees & Brick Wall, Landscaping Company in Bothell, WA
Hi Lewis
The yard looks great. Your help did a great job. It is so refreshing not to have to look at those leaning trees and thick groundcover any longer! Just let me know about pricing, and I can write you a check. Thanks again!!!
—Ernie B. (June of 2012)

Lew thanks so much for your work crew making my yard look spectacular. I really appreciate how hard they work and their efficiency to keep the costs lower. I also really appreciate the $40 price reduction on my bill. Although it isn't that much for their work I'd like you to give it to them ( the workers) each $20 to show my gratitude. Thanks so much I enjoy working with a businessman of your caliber.

In appreciation of your and your crew's efforts on Saturday we would like to mention the following:
Organization- everything went like clock work. Everybody knew what to do and when. Choice of plants- having the experienced person choose suitable items and delivering them was a real benefit. Being able to review different plant arrangements was the best approach.

Lupe's work on the removal of the cherry tree and magnolia really impressed us. Also, he and his crew's clean up and planting of the rack rockery was done in an excellent manner. Edging, barking and cutting the lawn made a big difference in the total garden.

The overall effect was outstanding. Walking around the whole yard, we could see that everything had been don to make it look wonderful.
Thank you
—Sarah and Don

Thank you for the referral. Rich was knowledgeable and pleasant. He said that the trees may be too close together, but I told him you would keep them pruned.

Fritz enjoyed working with you and I would not be surprised if you heard from him again.

I was at Camano place last Thursday to do some weed eating on the bluff. They yard looks GREAT! Thank you so much.

Finally a gardener that listens to what I say and tries to get me everything I asked for. I really appreciated you taking your time to meet with me at Sky Nursery to show me the plants you though would work best in my yard. I know I probably caused you some stress but my yard is now the way I want it. We will do business together again. I also gave my neighbor your name and number.
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