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Food for Thought & Tips



One of the most important aspects to remember is timing. Different plants, trees, and shrubs require pruning and maintaining at different times of the year. If not taken care of by a professional with equipment maintained and sharpened, the damage done will last for life, in some cases.
Spring to summer cutting of branches up to 1½” diameter is okay. Larger branches are generally best cut in late September to November. If it is 3” or larger, you should trim November through January. Fruit trees need addressing in January and February. Roses and other Orientals should be tended to in early spring and March.


Regular mowing is a must if you want a beautiful, green lawn. We recommend every four to seven days to keep the grass level down. If one half or more of a blade of grass is cut, it will cause distress, die off, and/or produce a yellowish color on up to 10% to 30% of your lawn. The percentage depends on the sun, shade, watering quality, fertilizing program, and, of course, family and pet usage.
Aerating or Plugging, Landscaping Company in Bothell, WA

Professional, Quality Fertilizing Program

This is like the story of the tortoise and the hare. Retail fertilizer starts out fast and fades away fast. With our professional, quality fertilizer, it starts out slow and stays slow with longevity. This guarantees a constant green lawn like the professional golf courses that mow every three to five days with no die-off or yellowing. The grass remains beautiful all year long, even with all the foot traffic.

Other Lawn Issues to Consider

All things need to breathe in order to live. Your lawn needs aerating to aid in this process. Aerating is taking a 1 ½" plug of grass out approximately every 6”. Just like a root bound-potted plant, it struggles.

Aerating opens the root area for growth, water, fertilizer, and oxygen. It also must stay free of leaves in the fall. Many problems arise if leaves are left on your lawn, such as dead spots, conditions for fungus to grow, and weeds.

Any & All Accents to Make Your Property Beautiful:

When a landscaper is designing and installing without maintenance, they really don't care what happens after the year’s warranty is up. For those companies with maintenance, they generally have a more vested interest in your landscape project and more experience in how the landscape will grow and mature and what to expect.

Lastly, make sure any company completing projects for you is licensed, bonded, and insured through the state of Washington.

Remember that all landscapers have their own opinions, and talk to more than one to hear different ideas. If the person is just a designer, remember they only give ideas. How many subcontractors is it going to take to finish the job?
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